Tackling Financial Crimes Together – Focus on Money Laundering and Terrorist

Organisé par
UIA (Union Internationale des Avocats - International Association of Lawyers)
décembre 2021

Tackling Financial Crimes Together – Focus on Money Laundering and Terrorist

Webinar presented by the UIA Compliance & Anti-Money Laundering Subcommittee

Effective international cooperation and information-sharing between law enforcement, judicial and intelligence authorities are critical in combatting cross-border severe threats to peace and global security as well as integrity and stability of financial institutions and systems, like money laundering and terrorist financing. Fighting these phenomena – that are not only as serious and highly sophisticated forms of crime but also as threats to human rights, democracy and the rule of law - is a top priority and consists, among other things, of protecting the financial framework, cutting off the resources available to terrorists, and making it more difficult for those engaged in crime to profit from their criminal activities.

As regards the money laundering and terrorist financing, speakers will describe:• their impact from a criminal / banking and financial / human rights perspective, with particular attention to the international / European Union / Mexican / West African legal framework;• the risks relating to the: (i) illegal wildlife trade, a major transnational organised crime, which fuels corruption, threatens biodiversity, and can have a significant negative impact on public health and the economy; (ii) technological developments; (iii) dissemination of terrorist content online;• the areas of action (e.g. enhancing information exchange, preventing online radicalisation, criminalising terrorist offences);• the lawyer’s role to detecting and preventing these financial crimes.

As money launderers and terrorists continue to refine their techniques and find new avenues for their illicit operations, so must we work together to fortify our defences to prevent or stop them.

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Tackling Financial Crimes Together – Focus on Money Laundering and Terrorist

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