Reputation Management and Cyber-Security

Organisé par
William Fry
2 Grand Canal Square
Dublin - Irlande
mai 2017

On May 19, 2017 the UIA in association with William Fry, will be holding an all-day event on Reputation Management and Cyber-Security in Dublin, Ireland. The seminar will update attendees on Reputation Management and Cyber-Security issues that arise in the context of Crisis Management, Data Protection/IP, Defamation/Privacy and Regulatory issues. Experts will advise attendees on the optimal manner in which to deal with the various challenging issues that unfortunately typically arise where there is a crisis. Experts will also provide extensive overviews on issues that have arisen in the past and have led to significant difficulties and ongoing concerns for corporations and individuals, and will highlight what they believe future issues might be and, where possible, how to future-proof against them.

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