Doing Business in and with the Emerging Markets – How to Hedge the Various Risks in Asia and Other Regions

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CREO Auditorium, Bar Association Building (Bengoshi Kaikan),
1-1-3, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku
mars 2019
mars 2019

Doing Business in and with the Emerging MarketsHow to Hedge the Various Risks in Asia and other Regions - How to Hedge the Various Risks in Asia and other Regions

Seminar presented by the UIA Foreign Investment Commission and the Tokyo Bar Association

Well predictably, the investors in developed jurisdictions have been all the more eagerly advancing into the emerging markets because they are prone to generate expanding demands of the growing population, where they would ironically risk encountering more or less unexpected pitfalls totally inconceivable in developed markets.

In a nutshell, the investors must be knowledgeable about the malfunction of the “rule of law” as well as the effective strategy to tackle these difficulties.To illustrate, how should they deal with their damming exposure to bribery risks, frequent and arbitrary amendment of regulations unilaterally in favour of local parties and, in the event of disputes, unreasonably delayed and discriminative judicial proceedings, with a view to pursuing safe, legitimate and remunerative business in a manner accountable to their stakeholders?

UIA Speakers from the world as well as members of the Tokyo Bar regularly assisting clients in foreign investment will gather and make presentations on the topic of “Doing Business in and with the Emerging Markets” with particular focus on how to hedge the various risks in Asia and other regions from the standpoint of both investors and investees, respectively, which would better shed light on the problematics affecting the business activities in the midst of high barriers in the emerging jurisdictions.

This approach might be somewhat unique in that the majority of other seminars on similar topics would rather place emphasis on the “fascinating” aspects of investment destinations by, say, bringing on local tourist attractions. By contrast, we will take a totally opposite approach.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Tokyo!

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